What You Need To Build A Powerful Gaming PC

While the majority of smartphones and other handheld devices as well as gaming consoles have a simplistic design, PC gaming is very much alive and kicking. So if you are into GTA, Valorant, Dota or League of Legends (buy high ELO LOL account), you ought to have a dedicated PC for gaming.

No doubt, as years go by, it becomes more powerful and delivers impeccable performance.

Life-Like Gaming Experience

The majority of the PC gaming setups usually have built-in midrange or high-end graphics cards while naturally, higher-end models have better and more powerful cards since the purchasing price is often correlated with visual quality and animation performance.

Two of the biggest names in graphics processors are Nvidia and AMD. These are the GPUs that go to the cards which are then made by third party companies from:

  • MSI
  • Sapphire
  • XFX
  • Asus
  • EVGA
  • Gigabyte

As you equip your system with top-rated GPU, it is going to boost the overall PC bill by several hundred bucks per card. Aside from adding more power and making the gaming experience more immersive and life-like, installing multiple graphics cards give provision for multiple monitor setups. In fact, if you are really that of an avid gamer, you can power up to 6 displays at once.

Why You would want a 4K Display?

One good reason to use top of the line graphics card is for powering VR or Virtual Reality as well as 4K gaming. Panels that have 4K resolution have 3840 x 2160 pixels which is basically 4x better resolutions than your “typical” 1080p FHD monitor. To play in 4K though, in your PC, you need at least one high-end graphics card that is capable of driving 4K displays at optimal settings with the same requirements for smooth gaming on a VR headset. Playing in 4K is just on a whole new level. You’re going to see details that weren’t there before and colors are popping out right in front of you. Try playing games similar to Agario, the latest titles such as NBA, FIFA and the likes to appreciate it.


The counterpart of a powerful GPU is the computer’s main processor or the CPU. While GPU is focused on the graphics quality and bits of physics calculations in the game, CPU is the heart and brain of your game. It is determining as well how your computer can take demands of the tasks that need non-graphics calculations.