Using Social Media to Promote Your Twitch

The digital world today has a lot more to offer. One of which is the emergence of the digital media or social media. Nowadays, social media is considered as one of the most essential tools to grow your streams with wide array of audience.

However, not all streamers utilize it for their twitch promotion. Or, maybe they don’t have an idea on how to use it in a proper manner. There are streamers who utilize their accounts on social media whenever they are going live. The sad part is that they don’t interact with the followers.

It is very obvious that the role of social media is generally countless for streamers. You just have to know the how’s of it before digging in. And, keep in mind that the most vital role of social media are to develop the personal brand, growing your streams, and landing more sponsorships.

Most Common Social Media Platforms for Streamers

The succeeding information will give you a deep understanding on how the social media can promote your twitch. Also, they are popularly used social platforms for increasing their streams.


Twitter is categorized under those sites that is essentially utilized by streamers for the development of personal branding and increasing their streams. Generally, Twitter is advantageous for convincing new audience to check your stream by retweeting. It is also useful for sharing tiny thoughts of data that might enhance your branding. Moreover, it can also support in the development of the relationships of the sponsors thus making you recognized.

To be able to double up your stream counts on Twitter, you can do the following:

  1. “Going live” posting
  2. Making use of hashtags
  3. Organizing giveaways
  4. Tagging game developers
  5. Following and interacting with significant personalities



Facebook is the classic type of social media platform. Basically, it is use to have a connection with family and friends. One great thing, it can also be a way to interact with your audience and promote your brand. Facebook is ideally better for doing long-form posts and hosting a contest.

For most of those under the millennial age, Facebook is the best channel to post an event as it lets people to invite delegates, make reminders, and have discussions with others.

Other Social Platforms to Check Out for:


This platform is not an ideal one for sharing and interacting. Thus, it can be a good channel for personal branding.


Instagram is a social media platform that is pretty perfect for interacting with your viewers on a personal level. It is a tool that is ideal for sharing great moments aside from the streams.