Trump Puts U.S. in Health and Economic Crises

Trump’s leadership, which at first gave more weight to stock market health over the Covid-19 plague, has placed the U.S. under health and economic crises.

Trump’s Dismissal of the Novel Coronavirus as a Hoax and Continuous Spread of Misinformation

At the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak, this U.S. president tried to dismiss the possibility of a global health crisis.

Trump kept tweeting and announcing that the novel coronavirus is just a hoax being used by the Democratic Party to prevent his re-election in this year’s presidential race. After a while, Trump later changed the tone of his messages by trying to convince the American public that the Covid-19 infectious disease is just like any other flu and that the virus will vanish, soon as the climate gets warmer.

While many governments in other countries across the globe started implementing mitigating actions that would prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, Trump’s leadership was more focused on preventing the stock market from reacting to the Covid-19 outbreak. His messages to the American people had greater focus in allaying fears over financial investments rather than assuring the public that there are federal actions being undertaken to address the global health crisis.

Trump’s Too-Late-the-Hero Actions Pushed the Country Toward a Recession

As Trump continued to make claims that a vaccine is already underway, the stock market continued with its downward trend. The reality is that businesses were starting to feel the impact of the travel restrictions being imposed by other countries on its citizens. After having close encounters with individuals who were potential or actual carriers of Covid-19, Trump and his advisers finally wisened up; eventually acknowledging the criticality of the health and economic threats faced by every citizen of the nation.

Whereas before, Trump was more concerned in approving funds that would help keep the stock market from failing, he is now asking Congress to approve federal emergency funding to help the American people deal with the impact of the Covid-19 plague.

However, his leadership took stock of the World Health Organization’s warnings at a point in time when the epidemic had already become a pandemic that already created serious economic repercussions. Trump’s repeated spread of misinformation, particularly claims that the infectious disease is under control, had led many to believe that it was safe to carry on with their daily routine. That is, without taking the necessary actions and precautions that would protect them from Covid-19 infection.

To date, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the U.S. has risen to a new total of 3,485, including 65 cases of deaths. Only a week ago the number of confirmed cases was pegged at 457. The reason for the rapid rise is the fact that the number of confirmed cases added to the latest tally, averages at 500 more cases per day. This clearly demonstrates the exponential effect of the person-to-person transmissions transpiring across American communities.

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, whose warnings Trump repeatedly ignored, the worst is yet to come. Many among the American public did not immediately embrace recommended actions designed to curb the potential exponential effects of a community-transmitted Covid-19 infection.

Trump is Now Seeking Congressional Funding to Help the Government Address Both Healthcare and Economic Problems

Trump’s too-late-the hero actions as leader of a major country that can influence economic conditions throughout the world, can no longer prevent the contagion from reaching its peak in the country. The present state of the coronavirus spread has pushed the country toward economic recession.

Today, the Trump administration is seeking legislative actions that include passing of a Congressional budget that would help workers and their families meet the impact not only of a potential health crisis but that of an imminent economic crisis as well.