Trump No Longer Supports Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes

After meeting with e-cigarette industry executive officials and public health advocates last Thursday, U.S. president Donald Trump reversed his position regarding the proposed federal ban on flavored electronic cigarettes or vapes.

Actually, the Thursday meeting with the e-cigarette representatives and oppositionists, merely provided Trump with arguments he could use in reversing his original position. After all, Trump previously said he is all for protecting the children, as appealed to him by his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka.

As teen-vaping became rampant, it resulted in the death of 23 users confirmed to have died of vaping-related respiratory diseases. Parents, health authorities, public health advocates and some lawmakers, actively called for the ban of the flavored e-cigarettes that largely attracted millions of teen vapers.

Gregory Conley, president of the e-cigarette advocacy group “American Vaping Association” (AVA), recommended that before imposing prohibitions, the government should first put in place targeted and sensible regulations. Inasmuch as millions oppose the proposed ban, a full prohibition will only result in the creation of an illegal market for electronic cigarettes.

Trump Gives Weight to Potential Social Media Impact of the “We Vape, We Vote” Movement Launched by American Adult Vapers

Even before the Thursday meeting, Trump was already adamant in officially signing the memo supporting the e-cigarette ban he announced in September 2019. This was mainly because his campaign manager, Brad Parscale warned that doing so will antagonize millions of pro-Trump supporters who are pro-vapers as well.

Parscale, whose previous work as a digital media campaign director of the Trump campaign team, made winning in the 2016 elections a reality for Trump. It was a win that dumbfounded many, which greatly changed the face and future of America’s politics. Nonetheless the feat earned Parscale, Trump’s confidence in naming the Facebook expert as his full-fledged campaign manager for the 2020 elections.

Based on the results of a poll, Parscale warned Trump that his vaping supporters intend to abandon the president’s reelection bid in 2020, if ever the latter continues to push for the ban of flavored vapes.

The Trump campaign team also highlighted claims by the “We Vape, We Vote” social media movement that enforcing the ban would likely result in loss of jobs. Vape manufacturers and vaping shops would be constrained to cut down their workforce, or at worst, be forced to fold their business.