The Motorcycle Helmet Requirement

The motorcycle helmet requirement – repression or protection?

A suitable motorcycle helmet is mandatory – but which models are allowed? Every year the number of motorcyclists on Germany’s roads increases between spring and autumn. Most riders are conscientious and think about the appropriate protective equipment on the motorcycle. The protective helmet is particularly important. Whether on gravel, in curves or on wet leaves: If there is a fall or a serious motorcycle accident, the motorcycle helmet can protect the rider’s head and prevent serious head trauma. Check out motorcycle reviews by bikersrights – read the full post here.

Motorcyclists are comparatively unprotected from environmental conditions compared to car and truck drivers. The motorized two-wheelers do not have a crumple zone, nor can you protect the rider with a body in the event of a motorcycle accident. This results in the special importance of protective equipment that bikers can and should use.

While the kidney belt and protectors are mostly optional equipment, the helmet on motorized two-wheelers is a legal requirement. The helmet requirement for the motorcycle has been in force in Germany since 1976 and has probably saved numerous bikers from serious injuries or death since then. Find out more in our guide to helmet requirements and the sanctions that may result from violations.

The motorcycle helmet is a legal requirement

The motorcycle helmet is mandatory – both for the rider and every passenger. One or the other biker certainly feels restricted by the bulky motorcycle helmets in his freedom of movement and his field of vision. However, not wearing a helmet for convenience can not only be fatal if the worst case occurs, it can also lead to sanctions according to the catalog of fines, even if nothing happens. The reason: If you do not wear head protection, you are violating the legal obligation to wear a helmet, which applies to motorcycles according to the Road Traffic Ordinance (StVO).

The helmet requirement on the motorcycle is anchored in § 21a paragraph 2 StVO :

“Anyone who drives motorcycles or open three- or multi-wheel motor vehicles with a design-related top speed of over 20 km / h and drives on or in them must wear a suitable protective helmet while driving […].”

A restriction to certain vehicles is therefore also specified here, for which drivers are required to wear a helmet.