The Impact of Social Media in Movie Promotion

Technological advancement paves its way to introduce the utilization of social media in all kinds of industries.


The film-making business warmly welcomes this kind of platform whether it is an indie film or a blockbuster movie featured in Filmy Online Zdarma. Reminiscing the yesteryears, classical films were entailed with magazines whereas, the modern category of movies already have Facebook and Twitter accounts. Having this platform, movies of today’s time are taking most of the opportunity in utilizing the social media to promote their film with their target audience. Moreover, movies like the filme online 2019 make use of the internet to handle their website in promoting such kind of films.


How does social media affects movie promotion


It is very evident how social media affect the life of every individual and how it invades the business world. Below are ways in which social media creates a greater impact to the movie industry.


Making movies viral


The growth of various kind of campaigns has been one of the most useful marketing strategy. This applies true for movies in all categories. Social media creates the elements for such campaigns to be more elaborated.


Marketing through trailers and posters


Social or digital media totally alter the way of information dissemination to fans and audience. In the past, only theaters can able to play trailers of the upcoming movies. Afterwards, some TV shows showcase movie previews of remarkable scene. But, the trend now is using Facebook and Twitter account to promote and advertise trailers for the new batch of films.


Disney is the first on the list to invade this kind of marketing platform. The Disney movie “Alice in Wonderland” used Facebook in launching its trailer. Meanwhile, Sony takes advantage of the other social media sites. Through Twitter and MySpace, Sony promotes their movies.


The Facebook era


Facebook serves as a channel for all kinds of businesses to get in touch with their target market and prospected clients. In the movie world, it also provides ticket selling directly from their account to their audience. Through the Facebook platform, the movie Toy Story 3 under Disney films offered tickets. On the other hand, Sony put up an in-house ticketing exclusive for their produced films.