The Future of Car Infotainment System

There are countless of car companies and manufacturers that are trying their very best to be known in their respective field. Of course, who would not want to leave a mark and make people easily recall of their name just by seeing their logo. From Japanese cars with names like Toyota, Honda, Nissan etc. to true-blood American vehicles such as Chevrolet, RAM, Dodge and so forth, seems that everyone is in a race of introducing newest techs in its models.

While the aforementioned car manufacturers are indeed big and huge in their respective field, a German car manufacturing company would not leave without a fight. This, in particular, is Volkswagen and had some serious innovations in their car models throughout the year.

Big Challenges Open New Opportunities

In fact, in today’s time, the company has opened its doors to welcoming senior software experts in ensuring that their truck and cars will always be ahead of the competition and be at the front row of innovation. This is critical especially in an industry that’s so complex and massive and geared to refining the mechanical components than what is going beyond the software.

Believe it or not, Volkswagen is revamping their marketing strategy after being in the spotlight on its infamous diesel-gate scandal. Mind you, this has cost the company just a shy of 28 billion Euros. That is 32 billion in dollars. All of this goes directly to penalties and fines after unearthing the company’s usage of engine management software in masking the excess levels of pollution in 2015.

The high demand for software functionality has increased tenfold as customers are expecting more advanced and more sophisticated driver assistance system, smartphone connectivity and even self-driving functions like self-park and autopilot as we’ve seen in other vehicle manufacturers.

Easier Said than Done

In comparison to smartphones, cars have 10x more lines of codes in the software being written and self-driving cars even have thousands more of that. Carmakers require more software engineers who can program multiple actuators and sensors within the car so by that, self driving car could develop accurate responses in navigating through traffic situations and of course, avoiding accidents. There are many more of these concerns that you can find by visiting aeonreviews.

And according to Volkswagen, they will be transcending from decentralized computer systems otherwise known as control units to a networked and centralized electronic architecture.