Students Living in Campus Halls have the Potential for More Success

According to education experts, students who live in dormitories or campus housing tend to be more successful in their studies than students who live off-campus. This may be because their attention is more focused on learning, and there is no need to commute to the parents’ house or other places to live off-campus.

When a prospective student chooses the college where he will study, he will most likely consider living in housing that is available on many University Campuses. In Edinburgh, if you would rather stay outside the campus but somewhere close to the campus, you can connect to Edinburgh letting agents for properties that will serve this purpose.

Major universities provide housing for their students within the campus. While there are others don’t, there are still many facilities (dormitories) close to the university that can house your child while attending college.

Benefits of On-campus Students

The benefits are many, one of which is saving time and transportation costs, especially considering that the prospective student will study for at least four years at the university of his choice.

One of the advantages of living on-campus housing is that students don’t need to be bothered by things like who should cook, who should clean the room and who should be called to repair a leaky faucet or a dead light.

“You can focus on studying and get a first-class education,” said Mari Anne Brocker, deputy head of housing and information about housing at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champlain, where there are 11,000 students living on campus.

Research shows that students who live on campus usually get higher academic scores, are more successful in studies and are more likely to complete education successfully. Another advantage of living on campus is the opening of opportunities to form learning clubs where students can share knowledge with students from higher classes.

The Downside…

But, because there are thousands of students living in campus housing, various issues have also arisen regarding security issues. Sometimes there are problems with smoking, alcohol, and narcotics use, mental health problems and conflicts related to student relations that can lead to acts of violence or sexual assault. But these types of problems are closely being deal with by University Campus heads making sure that the place is not protected from various issues that may arise.

So how much does it cost to live in campus housing? According to the Urban Institute, a nonprofit research institute, the average cost of first-year students ranges from 10 to 11 thousand dollars per year, or around Rp 150 million at public or private universities. The cost will increase by around 25 percent when students reach the third and fourth years of college.