SP Statement of Purpose

Everything starts with a brilliant idea! It’s just up to you whether you will pursue working on it or leave it until forgotten. If you are a blogger, you can get inspiration from various sources such as magazines, books, your personal life events or even other blogs.

Possibly, any idea that suits your particular niche will yield to good results. It is due to the reason that it’s something that readers can relate themselves too. Fact is, any idea will do. This is so long as you get the interest and attention of your fans and readers. With regards to making it viral on the other hand, a good idea would not be enough.

Because being Good isn’t Good Enough

Viral blogs is a culmination of multiple things. Before you hit the publish button on your website and then hope that it will go viral, there are certain questions that you must answer for yourself and observe if you have tackled it in your blog content.

So what are these questions? Take a good look at the examples below:

  • Is it resonating with your readers?
  • Can it solve problems?
  • Are there factual studies backing up your idea?
  • Could you expand it by doing expert interviews?
  • Is this topic something that you would love to read over and over?