Radio : Surveys Show Why Advertisers Still Regard Radio as Effective Media

Radio is still very much in the picture as an effective type of media for launching advertising campaigns. Research and data analytics companies, provide proof that the number of heavy radio listeners among consumers can still make a difference. This despite results that show radio listening is not a foremost form of entertainment among millennials.

Data analytics company Nielsen, which tracks radio entertainment usage by using paper listening logs and portable people meters, report that most people discover new music through radio. Nielsen also found out from its “All Dimension Audience Research,” that of the age 12 and above Americans responding to surveys, there has been a steady percentage of radio listeners since 1970 to present.

In the company’s analysis of a radio automotive dealership campaign, it revealed that consumers who listen to ads on the radio, have a 35% higher awareness of the ad campaign than those who only view advertisements on TV.

Nielsen’s findings are corroborated by Edison Research’s “Heavy Radio Listener Report.” The latter research company is well known for conducting exit polls since 2004, for major presidential primary and general elections, as well as for certain projects.

Exceptional Information from “Heavy Radio Listeners Report” by Edison Research

Edison Research conducted a poll from January to April, 2018 by interviewing 2,000 Americans age 12 years old and above by way of telephone. The survey revealed that of the respondents who listen to radio, the heavy listeners are between the ages of 45 and 64.

Moreover, the group categorized as heavy radio listeners are mostly people who are gainfully employed, whose salaries range between $50k to $100k per annum. Often times, they listen while commuting to and from their way to work, and when at home. Edison Research also gathered that those who often listen to radio at home, do so with the use of smart speakers, while others have radio in their car.

The ethnicity of the heavy radio listeners group are mainly African Americans and Hispanics, most of whom have attended college. The highest educational attainment of many heavy radio listeners is a 4-year college degree, while some are with 3 years college attendance. Others professed to have at least earned college credits or pursued an advanced degree.

The report also revealed that most heavy radio listeners also own smartphones and use voice assistance, while also subscribing to online audio streaming. Of those who subscribe to online audio streaming, a greater number of heavy radio listeners subscribe to Pandora.

One out of every heavy radio listeners though do not have smartphones but have radio at home or have radio in their car.