Pros And Cons Of Online Learning

TACHS helpAs numerous learning institutions temporarily suspends face-to-face learning and increasingly more people remain at home to steer clear of the highly transmittable virus, online learning appear to be rising exponentially in various places across the world.

For instance, students in need of TACHS help could be given assistance through an online TACHS prep where they are provided with interactive TACHS lessons, study materials, and comprehensive practice tests to make certain students get a satisfactory score. Moreover, this TACHS help would assess the strengths and weaknesses students as well as monitor their progress and give them feedback to aid in maximizing their TACHS scores.

Before the pandemic, online learning or e-learning has already been in the online world coming in several forms, however predominantly used for college education, training certification as well as professional development.

As the pandemic has forced the closure of schools, learning institutions are pushed to carry out online learning as an alternative to face-to-face learning to not interrupt and delay learning.

Pros of Online Learning

The benefits of online learning are increasing as the online learning programs are constantly being refined and perfected to meet and match the learners needs.

  • With online learning, students could access their work and learning at any time and place. This is particularly valuable for students especially those with health concerns and those with physical disabilities. Other online programs have fixed schedules but in shorter periods.
  • Apart from accessibility, students could learn at their own pace. For instance, a 10-week course could be completed in only 2-weeks. Online classes or courses allow students to go over the learning materials as many times as needed or advance to the next learning material.

Drawbacks of Online Learning

There are drawbacks to online learning as well.  Some of the drawbacks could be significant that they may decide to shift to a traditional learning model. Below are a few drawbacks:

  • The general complaint, even for advocates of online learning, is that the courses may be too easy that students could easily cheat by just searching for answers in the internet.
  • Student capabilities aren’t challenged and maximized in online learning. In a traditional face-to-face learning structure, teachers could challenge students and maximize their learning capabilities through various profound and meaningful ways, enriching their learning and capabilities.