President Trump Now Becoming ‘More Gracious’ In Accepting Loss In The Elections

A couple of weeks has already passed since the presidential elections in the United States of America. That was perhaps one of the most heated and most controversial election in the history of the country, and coupled with the threat of the coronavirus pandemic on the voting population, the 2020 polls is surely one hell of a memorable event for the American people. After days of counting and verifying all votes, it became clear that the United States will have its next president, by the name of Joseph Biden of the Democrat Party. The former senator of vice president of the US was able to beat the current POTUS and Republican bet, Donald Trump, by accumulating the biggest popular vote in the history of US elections, and by flipping the known Republican states into blue.

However, Trump’s camp raised concerns about the alleged cheating in the election that paved the way for Biden to win. The court has given Trump an opportunity to prove the allegation of electoral fraud, and he was also given a chance for the votes in different states to be recounted. In spite of all these, it just became clearer that Biden is the new president-elect of the United States.

Trump Allowing The Transition Period Could Be A Good Sign

At first, President Trump stood by his claims that he is the real winner of the elections, and that he wouldn’t allow any transition to the next administration to roll out. This prompted worries that the upcoming Biden administration will have a hard time having a grasp of the job without the transition happening. The transition is important since the next president should have an idea of what needs to get fixed in the country by the time he steps in, including the COVID-19 situation in the US.

Eventually, Trump finally gave a go signal for the transition to proceed, as any other outgoing president before him had done and rightfully so. Now, in spite of his fraud claims continuing, Trump allowing the transition can be seen as a sign that he is slowly throwing in the towel. If there is one thing that President Trump has built, that is his Hjemmeside reputation of not admitting any wrong deeds from his part. While technically, he is not yet conceding from the fight for a second term in office, Trump is giving an impression that he is ready to let go of the White House.