Noblechair and Everything You Need to Know About It

When it comes to furniture, desks and chairs are considered as the most important. The chair should provide the looks and comfort at a reasonable price. Moreover, the style of the chair indicates one’s status and position. And for most of the time, the one that really matters is that the furniture fulfills its purpose. However, in a chair, it is often expected that one should feel sovereignty along with comfort.

Various chair designs and styles are purchasable in the market. Most chairs from different companies come with same design and functionality. But, one chair stands out to be the best among the rest. And when it comes to innovations, only noblechair has it. It has a great impact to on one’s status of comfort as same as how iPhone X affects the social media.

Introducing – the Noblechair

It is hard to choose the best furniture especially when you have to consider the feature that really have to make the first impression lasts.

Compared to other chairs, noblechair has a distinct design made incredible by its unique stitching style. Looking at a noblechair in a first glance, one may had a fine impression at it. Noblechair is a game chair which is made of top grain leather with a frame of solid steel. The steel is resistant to rust and is hard-wearing. Moreover, the iconic noblechair also has a stable cold foam. The backrest and armrest are both adjustable as well as its tilting resistance.

Noblechair Features and Specifications

With excellent quality, this furniture went through series of tests and analysis such as noblechairs icon test to provide better output. Below are the interesting features of noblechair.

Color Available: Black, Cognac
Color of Stitches: Gunmetal
Color of Logo: Plate – black aluminum; Letters – gold
Foam density: 55
Base material: Aluminum
Gross weight: 30 kg
Net weight: 28 kg
Package Dimension: 87x37x70 cm
Warranty: 2 years

Noblechair Packaging

The packaging of the noblechair is a little bit bulky. Having a weight of 30 kg, with the inclusion of its packaging material, carrying the newly purchased noblechair inside a box needs some help. At least 2 persons are required to carry it.

Noblechair Parts and Accessories

Parts and accessories of the noblechair are securely packed in a plastic bag or container. Additional pieces of carton are utilized to give extra protection on its contents. One single package of noblechair contains the following:

  1. Backrest with four pieces of M8 screws and washers that are pre-mounted
  2. Seat with two armrests that are pre-installed
  3. Dust-cover shroud
  4. Pillows for neck and lumbar support
  5. Tilt adjustments
  6. Gas lift class 4
  7. 2 pieces lever covers
  8. 5 pieces caster wheels
  9. M8 Allen
  10. 2 pieces side cover
  11. 6 pieces mounting screws
  12. Noblechair User’s manual