Must Know – Worth Trying Teaching Technique

As time flies and evolved with technology, education also do. However, traditional methods of teaching and learning such as basic taking down of notes are still useful until now. Yet, education of today’s time go around more on student encouragement to be more cautious and curious thus provoke their desire to learn.

There are various teaching techniques that have developed because of the said educational changes. Although, most teaching techniques are not really that new. But, utilization of technology within the classroom setting gives new life for education permitting every students to employ old learnings into new strategic ways.

Teaching Techniques That You Should Know

Most educational institution or learning schools like that of with Jon Paul Tutor are using teaching techniques for their students education and learning process. Below are some of the most common techniques in teaching that have been develop due to the incorporation of technology in the process of education.

Design Thinking Technique

Design thinking technique or case method is usually dependent on resolving cases or situations on the real-life events. This technique can be done through group analysis, innovation of ideas, brainstorming, and creative thinking. However, even if the Design Thinking technique is a structured one, the method can be disorganized when being practiced in situations that solutions are not possible.

Being an advocate of Design Thinking, Ewan McIntosh built The Design Thinking School as a sector of the No Tosh group of consultancy.

Self-learning Technique

In the learning process, the main driver that pushes the student to learn is his curiosity. It becomes helpful to urge the students to keep in their mind through memorization process bulk of information that can either be recalled or forgotten immediately. The solution here is to allow students to give emphasis on discovering the areas of their interests and let them learn on it individually.


One of the most exciting teaching technique is the learning process through utilization of games. Although, this technique has already been employed in the elementary and preschool teaching. Through the use of games, students can able to learn things and explore new ideas without even realizing it.

That’s why the Gamification teaching technique through the employment of playing is an effective strategy of learning at all age. Moreover, learning by utilization of playing is one way of motivating students in the learning process. This may also help to build powerful gaming PC in the future.