Media Usage: Tips for parents

Parents are the most important role models in the family when it comes to using the media. Children learn by imitating and adopt certain behavior patterns and uses from their parents. By setting a good example, parents have a good chance of teaching their offspring how to use the media responsibly.

Always on reception or sometimes offline

Reflecting on your own use of the media is sometimes not that easy. The common media fasting in the family is a good opportunity to find out about yourself and to give children a new experience: a week without a mobile phone, two weeks without Facebook, or at least one weekend a month without a tablet – the possibilities to work together with checking the children’s media habits is great. Checking platforms where to buy truck covers would be a good media bonding.

Points Parents Should Look For


When parents show their children that they are reluctant to divulge personal data, children learn where and why caution is necessary. If parents have a profile in social networks themselves, it is helpful to check the settings and pay close attention to which content is shared with whom and to talk about it with the children. Not sharing pictures of children on social media at all, at least none that show them, is a good decision.


The media behavior of siblings or other relatives, acquaintances, and friends also affects children. Parents should make this an issue and talk to the child – and stay. Media topics and media experiences are building blocks of media education that aims at competence.

Exchange of experience

In conversation through the media, children report on their everyday life, their contacts, and topics. In these conversations, parents can see how their child is developing. They understand the children’s perspective and, in return, can speak about their point of view and their own experiences and represent their point of view.

Agree on rules

In a regular exchange, parents can agree with rules on media use with their children and check them for their suitability for everyday use.

Inform regularly

Media develops rapidly. Here, it is important to inform yourself about it frequently in order to stay up to date.