KissAnime Alternative Sites

KissAnime is an anime platform where videos, cartoon shows, movies, and other anime programs can be watched. It is a site that offers a high-quality online streaming. This anime website contains a wide range of anime content compilation which are available to watch online whether on PC or via a mobile device. The online streaming for this site is widely available for free.

On KissAnime, videos of anime content can be found easily and the streaming experience is awesome for any kind of theme. However, for some instance, you still need to look for other anime sites that you may use as an alternative for KissAnime. KissAnime is the most popular anime streaming platform but over the past years its server become unstable and has some technical glitches. That’s why, seeking for alternative sites, for some time, is okay for many anime lovers out there.

Best Alternative Sites to Watch Your Favorite Anime

Actually, there are many sites that can be browsed and searched for in order for you to satisfy your thirst for anime content. Here are some of those sites with wide range of various genres and that’s one of the impact of social media in movie promotion.


  • Crunchyroll

Speaking of the best alternative website for KissAnime, no wonder that Crunchyroll lines-up on the list. On the site, you can watch different anime programs and genres including manga and even dorama or the Japanese TV drama. As of to date, the site is classified as the most popular anime streaming site for anime online watching

Since 2006, Crunchyroll has been a hot topic within the anime streaming industry.


  • AnimeLab

Same with KissAnime, AnimeLab is an anime streaming site in which anime online watching can be completely experienced for free. Moreover, similar with KissAnime, the site’s goal is also to cater excellent anime programs on both PC and mobile device. Unfortunately, viewers from New Zealand and Australia has the best streaming experience for this site. Yet, utilization of VPN service allows anime lovers to enjoy online streaming of your fave anime.


  • Anime Planet

Anime Planet contains a wide range of library having around 45,000 legitimate anime contents. Since its launched in 2001, Anime Planet become a fave site of anime and manga enthusiasts. Broad compilations of excellent anime and manga series are widely accessible on the site for free.