Info Research: Britons Has No Idea How Lights Are Properly Use

Despite the bad weather conditions at this time of the year, not every motorist does not run with safe lighting. For Car, Headlight, Automobile, Vehicle, Design, Styleyour safety pendant lights brisbane has auto off and on. Research by the British ANWB, the RAC, shows that almost 40 percent of Britons only use daytime running lights. With this type of lighting, your rear lights are not switched on.

“Many people do not realize that they themselves have to switch on the low beam in bad weather.”

Car models approved after 2011 have this daytime running light. It turns on automatically when you start the engine and is made to increase your visibility for other road users. During the day, if the weather and visibility are good, you are only allowed to drive with daytime running lights (in tunnels, just switch on the low beam).

“The figures from the British study are very worrying, “In the Netherlands, too, we notice that motorists still drive too much with only daytime running lights on. Many drivers do not realize that they themselves have to switch on the low beam in bad weather.”

Fuel Wastage
Traffic psychologist Gerard Tertoolen believes that information about lighting is inadequate. “I think novice drivers are not exactly explained the function of all types of light during driving lessons.”

 “People who do not realize that in poor visibility you cannot drive with daytime running lights alone. They are simply not aware of this. Then there are people who do not find it necessary to switch on the low beam when it gets dark, that they think fuel wastage. “

Light Up
The opposite also occurs, Tertoolen sees: drivers who already switch on their low beam at the first drop of rain.  Finally, there are people who are not well aware of the functions of their car. “With many modern cars the low beam comes on automatically when it gets dark. People do not realize that this only works with light / dark and not with fog or rain.”