How the Covid-19 Started and When it will Stop?

Coronaviruses are basically big strain or group of viruses that infect animals and humans alike. In the latter, it attacks the respiratory system of a person. This, as a result, may lead to the common colds all the way to more severe infections. A very popular case of the coronavirus was SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The virus was first identified in 2002 in Southern China. The virus then impacted 26 other countries that lead to a total of 8000 reported cases and 774 deaths.

While there’s no concrete evidence on the outbreak, on the 7th of January, Chinese health authorities have identified that it was brought by a strain of coronavirus that had not been previously encountered by humans. 5 days later, Chinese government showed the virus’ genetic sequence. This is to help other countries to create rapid diagnostic kits for the virus. The virus is now referred to as Sars-CoV-2.

Just Why?

Apparently, Wuhan, China is where the disease first appeared, particularly in its seafood market to which wild animals are illegally traded such as:

  • Marmots
  • Rabbits
  • Birds
  • Snakes and;
  • Bats

Coronaviruses are notorious to jumping from animals to human hosts. This is the reason why it is thought that the first few individuals who were infected by the disease are stallholders from the market itself who contracted the virus from an infected animal.

Original Source?

As of this writing, there is an ongoing hunt on the animal source for Covid-19, although there are other contenders. In fact, a team of expert virologists at Wuhan Institute for Virology has released a detailed paper which showed that new genetic of the virus is 96% identical to the ones found in bats. While unpublished research raises an argument stating that the genetic sequence in pangolins are 99% the same with human virus.

Start of the End?

Since the explosion of Covid-19 virus, Wuhan market was shut down for further inspection and disinfection. On January 21, World Health Organization Pacific office stated that the disease can be transmitted between humans after a medical staff became infected too. This makes the effort for containing the virus more difficult.

Now that Covid-19 is a global pandemic, it may cripple economies and businesses. If you have goods needed to be shipped in overseas or within your borders, especially local transports, you may want to check with your service provider by visiting their website such as on