How iPhone X Affects the Social Media

Basically, iPhone X or iPhone 10 was launched by Apple as a device which represents the anniversary of iPhone collection at its 10th year. After its mass released, there had been a big demand for iPhone X.

Due to its spectacular attributes, iPhone X had been the best iPhone unit so far.

Ways iPhone X Affects the Social Media:

Linking to the digital world today, millennials are generally the age group whom are very much attached to digital media or social media. They are the big users or daily visitors of most social media platforms. Along with this, iPhone X, as coined being the best phone of the iPhone series, will have an impact to the social media for some ways.

Extended battery life while using Snapchat

One of the social media application that iPhone users may used is the Snapchat. But, there is a common downfall which lots of iPhone users experience upon using Snapchat. It is that this app may automatically let the iPhone to power off due to battery drain.

The good news is iPhone X may operate over 26 hours. This provides longer time to select the type of lens to use. Moreover, a dead battery of an iPhone X allows for fast charging speed through a wireless charger.

Has a bigger RAM for video streaming via YouTube and Facebook

iPhone X’s RAM is about 2GB which permits the users to experience faster video watching on YouTube and Facebook. Another good thing about this new iPhone model is that it allows users to download video in a faster rate.

Great selfies using the front facing camera

The front camera of iPhone X is about 7MP that is very ideal to have selfies on Snapchat or Instagram applications. So, in case users have a broken iPhone screen, better to have an apple screen repair to have a great selfie experience using an iPhone X.

Improved camera for Instagram

A 12-megapixel back camera of an iPhone X model is an improvement of the iPhone series. The back camera also has a bigger sensor and a great optical image stabilization. This OIS is a basically saved for the Plus form of iPhone 6 and iPhone 7.