Healthcare in the Wake of Covid-19

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19 virus, how do you think the healthcare industry is prepared for it? Well in all honesty, not quite. This is as per the poll done by the Verdict. In the said poll that was done from periods of March 26 to April 6, it has been found it that over ¾ of participants were not entirely confident of the healthcare system and provider preparedness for the situation. But try to do the same survey in finding what their ideal boilers are and you’ll get tons of positive and different responses.

Open for Improvements

While 47 percent of respondents weren’t entirely confident of preparedness, 31 percent of them have shown support. Less than ¼ or 22 percent of respondents were confident of the preparedness. By looking at the poll and analyzing it, this shows that there’s just little public confidence in relation to the preparedness of government in handling the situation.

Whether you believe it or not, several automakers are now starting to have their involvement in manufacturing ventilators to meet any of the following objectives:

  • Enable the increase in production of the existing designs
  • Boost availability of critical components or;
  • Producing novel designs

Respondents were very much aware of such bold moves in the market for restricted medical devices, which is fairly common to new entrants.

When interviewed to name medical devices companies that could resolve crisis related to Covid-19, not a single respondent is able to name a ventilator manufacturer be it Smiths medical, Philips, GE Healthcare or Medtronic.

Names to Remember

Yet again, respondents are capable of naming 3 major lab or vitro diagnostic test makers which include:

  1. Roche Diagnostics
  2. Thermo Fisher and;
  3. Abbott

All of the said facilities have delivered well-signposted charges in an effort to meet demands for tests from the very beginning of crisis in the United States. It is not surprising that 3M, well known makers of protective N95 respirators that are now short in supply have very high recognition too.

Honestly, it is just hard how the healthcare system would come up with a way to battle the outbreak. Not everyone is perfect but for sure, experts are on the works of finding the best method in dealing with the virus.