Getting Rid Of Fake News In Social Media Just In Time For The 2020 Presidential Elections

We have nothing else to thank but the rise of social media for having a better way to disseminate helpful information, no matter where your friends and family are located. In just one click or tap, you can share news articles online that you believe are important for the public to know about. Unfortunately, due to the capability of the social media to make any news go viral, some people with selfish interest take advantage of this by creating fabricating information then passing them off as real news.

At this point in time, you may already be aware that fake news have already plagued the online realm. While you might have read a bunch of fake news related to political propagandas, there are those type of fake news that are made solely to attract attention. The continious proliferation of fake news in every corner of the social media is not a good sign for the upcoming 2020 presidential elections in the United States of America. This would only mean that the people are once again at risk of getting dubious information that only aims to mislead them and force them into making a wrong decision on choosing the right person for the job as POTUS.

Be it about science, health, or technology, fake news can victimize anyone and feed the public with wrong info, which can be harmful when a person accepts this as the truth.

Check The Source: Does This ‘News’ Only Serves As Propaganda Material For The Benefit Of One Questionable Candidate?

Social media can be used by individuals in so many ways, like introducing a helpful technology to the general public. For politicians, social media can be used to communicate with the voters, in hopes that their social media posts can help them win the people. Unfortunately, some entities are vicious enough to post fake news articles in the social media for their own personal gain. This move is just as good as to prank call anyone in your phonebook just to ruin your day.

A prime characteristic of fake news is that every info listed in it cannot be traced back to a legitimate source. This is because the details provided by fake news are nothing but mere fabrications of the writer. Thus, the first thing you can do is to verify the information in an article and see if there are other articles online that would confirm the claims of a suspected fake news write-up.

The sad reality is that the spread of fake news that has malicious intentions to mislead the general public is pretty hard to stop at this point, given that every household is connected to the social media. Social media experts say that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter played a very important role during the 2016 presidential elections, in which we saw US President Donald Trump winning over his rival, Hillary Clinton, by a very narrow margin. In the upcoming national polls, it is very likely that the social media will once again spell the difference between the winning and losing candidate, so it is up to us if we would still like to see these fake news articles hanging around this year.

If you notice that a certain news website has way too many pop-up ads that you almost cannot handle, it is likely that the news articles in there are fake. Because fake news peddlers are only after a wider reach or bigger audience, they would take advantage of this and fill their articles with a load of advertistments, so that every click made by an unfortunate site visitor would equate to a handful of dollars. This is like receiving a bunch of prank calls in a single minute which are not even funny to begin with.