Facebook’s Zuckerberg Changes Stance, Now Considers Holocaust Denial as Anti-Semitic

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has changed his hands-off stance over the Holocaust denial issue that displeased many Netizens, particularly the Jewish sector. Last Monday, Facebook announced that it has changed its policy regarding posts that convey Holocaust denial, saying that the platform now disapproves “any content denying or distorting the Holocaust.”

Zuckerberg explained why he changed his mind through a public Facebook post:

“My own thinking has evolved because I have seen data showing that there is an increase in anti-Semitic violence, as had been cosidered in our wider policies on hate speech.”

Two years ago Zuckerberg faced huge public fallout after explaining why he thinks Holocaust denial should be excluded as a hate speech that must be banned. Back then, he remarked that such posts are examples of information that many tend to get wrong and therefore should not be automatically taken down.

Although he claims that he is Jewsih and that he also finds such posts as deeply offensive, Zuckerberg acknowledged that there is also a group of people who refute the Holocaust really happened but not intentionally.

Zuckerberg’s assertion back then was that the FB platform should not take down posts that different people get wrong. However, Zuckerberg clearly said he believes that the people who have been sharing Holocause denial posts are not intentionally getting it wrong.

The World Jewish Congress, which for several years has been campaigning for the removal of Holocaust denial content in the FB platform, welcomed this recent move.

Through the years of campaigning for the removal of Holocaust denial content, the group has been asserting that posts denying, trivializing and/or minimizing the truths about the Holocaust are among the effective tools used by anti-Semitic groups in spreading hatred and toxic conspiracy theories among Jews and other minorities.

Brief Info about the Holocaust

The Holocaust relates to Adolf Hitler’s horrific propagand of promulgating Aryan supremacy by systematically persecuting and eradicating first and mostly the European Jews and others regarded as threats to the purity of the German race; such as the Romany people a.k.a gypsies, homosexuals, dissidents/oppositionists, and citizens born with intellectual disability

Although tightly kept as a secret during the German Nazi regime between 1933 and 1945, several concentration camps being run as killing centers were later discovered after Germany suffered defeat in World War II.

In successfully driving out the German Nazi officials and troops who occupied several European countries, the allied forces were able to confirm the existence of the rumored concentration camps, particularly in Poland.

Millions of emaciated Jews and other people belonging to the so-called inferior group were rescued from such camps, while investigations later revealed that more than six million Jews, and around 5 million others, of which more than a million were children, were among those who perished during Hitler’s Holocaust movement.