Drones and the Social Media World

Nowadays, there are drones in the market that have ease of use and professional quality features. Examples of these are the best drones for GoPro that you can see at https://letsflywisely.com/gopro-drones/. The features, size, and portability of GoPro give advantage of getting high-quality images and videos at a very reasonable price range.

The moment these flying objects are welcomed by the social media industry, they establish to penetrate the media industry in the same way smartphones invade the consumers. How smartphones capture and disseminate captivating photos and videos is also the way drones take it to the social media. Influencers and content creators around social media seems to be the first ones to accept drones and share their point of views and device contents. 

Drones will also make new classification of content creators as daily users who begin to produce and disseminate drone images and videos.

How drone technology affects social media advertising

There are influencers who begin to discover the distinct point of views of drone photography. This is in order to make a beautiful and one-of-a kind content. And because of GoPro launching, drone photography will suddenly begin to invade the social contents. Nowadays, drones become an essential thing for most social media influencers. This only shows how the media can help by introducing updated technology.

Drone photography and its contribution to brand success

Usually, the contents that are very common  in the social media world today are mostly captivating videos. Actually, on YouTube, there is about 90% internet traffic in relation to video contents this 2020. Moreover, almost 70% of social media marketers concluded that they will add up their budgets based on video ads for the coming 12 months.

However, despite the increasing rate of video content which is excellent for most social media users, the penetration of digital video makes it hard for social media brands to be exceptional from the rest. Drone photography and videography act to separate innovative marketers and influencer marketing campaigns.

Due to the expansion of social media, it disrupts the barrier between the old-school celebs and digital stars. This also applies true in terms of drone technology which removes the block of passage for those who are aiming to enter the content creation and videography profession.