Back in 2011, a term Facebook Depression was coined by American Academy of Pediatrics. This is simply described as a form of depression that’s mostly developing among teens and preteens. Especially to those who spend a great amount of their time using and browsing through social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It isn’t just Gossip. It’s a Fact!

In a study that was performed by the Lancaster University, researchers dig to the roots into what effects social media can bring to users. There were 35,000 people across 14 countries who have taken part of the study. Among negative behaviors, researchers from the said university discovered that the most common impact is accepting friend requests from former friends and exes.

Don’t Fan the Fire

It was never wise to compare yourself to other people’s accomplishments. The sad reality though, social media makes this so basic. But let us not dwell to the negativities it brings. This same platform enables people to receive and give support.

For a person who is depressed or has survived sexual assault, they can check out specific support groups on social media platforms to vent out their stress and inspire by sharing their stories.

With a simple click from your mouse, you can instantly connect with friends and family either local or overseas. And while there’s ongoing study on social media’s impact to people’s behavior and attitude, it is imperative to use these sites smartly in establishing relationship and supporting each other.