Christian Summer Camp Forced to Shut Down As Young Campers Test Positive

A Christian summer camp in Missouri closes ahead of schedule after 82 campers tested positive, at a time when Trump is ordering schools to reopen in fall. Trump’s insistence on school reopening is based on reports fhat children have been the least affected; but actually scientists are also apprehensive of the extent by which children can fransmit the COVID-19 disease to others.

The closing down of the Christian camp in Kanakuk K-2 camp in Lampe, Missouri, due to the spread of infection among camp participants and staffers, presents evidence that debunk reports saying children are in some ways immune to the disease.

The Stone County Health Department said that on July 02, the virus had initially infected 41 campers and staff, but had quickky doubled to 82 on July 06. This suggests that the summer camp organizers made the decision to shut down and send participants home only after the situation had worsened.

Parents of the Kanakuk K-2 summer campers, ranging in ages between 13 and 18, have been instructed to put their children under self-quarantine for 14 days and to monitor the development of the COVID-19 symptoms. The implication here is thant even in a small concentration of younger people, the infection rate can quickly double.

The degree of infection rate will likely be exponential if such incidents happen in school. Children could spread the disease to family members soon as they get home. High school students may even hangout with friends while still asymptomatic.

White House Coronavirus Coordinator’s Position on Reports of How COVID-19 Affect Young People

Actualy White House coronavirus response coordinator, Dr. Deborah L. Birx, had already voiced such concerns. She said before that even though the death rate among those under age 25 was less that 1/10 of a percent, she cautioned that there is still much to learn; saying that

“We still do not have evidence that there is no significant mortality on children who do not have coexisting disease because we still do not know how many of them have tested positive”. — “What worries us is that as the coronvirus continues to spread, schooling children could transmit them to older parents and grandparents.”