Benefits of Posting on Job Boards

There are a lot of professionals who believe that job boards similar to vacatures Schiphol is the best way out. With the inception of social media, you will be forgiven to think that this is the case. However, the onset of social marketing does not always spell the end when it comes to job board advertisements.

The truth is, there’s no reason for the two to not work side by side. As per experts, job boards are actually in charge for 18 percent of successful hires while social media contributes a mere 3 percent of them. Well, this is not that bad for a method that’s seen to be obsolete. Aside from that, job boards are the preferred choice among many.

Roughly 65 percent of candidates are actually seeking new employment straight from these websites with 1 out of 6 external hires are made in such a way.

Having said that, what does job board exactly offer in which other methods of recruitments fail to provide? Well let’s find out!

Discovering Candidates from the most Unexpected Sectors

One of the drawbacks when using social media for recruitment is that, you are not likely to reach wide range of people. To be able to secure a long term employee, you have to find a candidate who’s skilled already in the field you need. This can be hard if you’re advertising to small group of followers on Twitter or Facebook.

By allotting the time to put your criteria on job listing sites, you’re basically reaching broader range of workers and fill see more candidates that meet your specifications and standards.

Simplified Recruitment

Skilled entry level employees really exist. The thing is, discovering them one person at a time is just not worth the investment. A recruiter is spending an average of 120 minutes to source out and communicate with just one prospect. Now, if you have around a bunch of people needed to be interviewed, then these hours can easily add up.

With specialized job boards that are focused on specific fields can help in cutting down unfit candidates who are applying for the position and at the same time, make it simpler to scan through their CVs.