Addiction In Online Games May Affect Men Brain Impulse Control

Online Game Disability

“Internet use is an indispensable part of many young people’s daily lives, and losing control over it can cause a variety of side effects,” said lead author Radology. Yawen San “Dr. Hospital of Shanghai Medical School, Shanghai, China. Internet gaming disorders are a major public health problem for teens and young people around the world.

Online Game Disability (IGD) features online gameplay that is essential to rule out other issues. Individuals with IGD often suffer from severe disabilities or pain and can be negatively affected by time associated with work, school or games. Withdrawal symptoms appear when not playing.

The researchers studied 32 males and 23 females in IGD. Resting fMRI was performed on 30 male and 22 female matched study participants and healthy controls. Resting fMRI allows you to check your brain activity when you are not focused on a specific task. This study examined the relationship between the scores of the Barratt Impulse Scale-11, which is commonly used to assess brain activity and behavioral inhibition observed with fMRI.

How Online Games Replace The Brain

According to Dr. Sun “The findings suggest that brain activity in IGD patients has changed, and brain activity in IGD patients has not changed.” Decreased brain activity in the frontal lobe of IGD patients may be associated with increased pulse.”

Sun pointed out that different male and female brain maturity stages can lead to changes in the gender dependence of IGD. For example, the prefrontal cortex plays an important role in performing function and inhibition, and then matures in men. 

Especially in men with IGD, dysfunctional prefrontal cortex may be associated with high impulsiveness, consistent with previous material poisoning studies. The study added more and more literature linking individuals with behavioral and substance abuse problems associated with IGD.

The unblocked games 66or online games have grown exponentially over the last few decades. It can generate billions of dollars in the US alone, including social games, mobile games, and multiplayer games. According to a recent survey, there are more than 55 million online gamers in the United States.