A Post-Coronavirus World Will See More Advancements in Social Media Platforms

Now more than ever, adding technologies that allow businesses to connect to leading social media platforms is at the orefront of business recovery suggestions. The COVID-19 crisis has in fact given people more purpose in using their social media accounts in their daily routine.

Today, checking out social media content countless times during the day can no longer be described as addiction, as doing so has already become a way of life. In fact Facebook has created a virtual reality world called “Horizon” that will further encourage FB users to stay connected to their account at all times.

About Facebook’s Horizon

Just in time before the entire world went into lockdown, Facebook launched the closed beta version of the Horizon virtual reality world.

Through invites, some FB users were given the chance to be the firsts to experience socializing in different virtual locales created by fellow FB users. Portals called Telepods, will enable them to explore a virtual world where they can play, view movies and use other content that their social media friends have to offer in their virtual settings.

In anticipation of trolls, human guides called Horizon Locals will be around to keep users protected against those who will attempt to disrupt and create discord in virtual communities.

FB’s Horizon is only an example of how consumers will carry on with their future social media activities. In the same way, Horizon will also give businesses additional opportunities to reach out to consumers by creating their own virtual establishments. More so now that most consumers think it safer to keep buying and looking for entertainment online, even after the coronavirus lockdown has been lifted.

How Can SMBs Deal with Cost Reduction and Keep Up with Emerging Social Media Technologies as Well?

The painful truth though is that the health crisis has left most small and medium-sized businesses with little, or no resources at all to set up IT infrastructure that can support them. Once all the new social media technologies are in place, competing in the business world will become even more difficult.

Cost-reduction will be a primary business concern, and one of the most recommended solutions is to collaborate with job outsourcing companies. Yet providers of outsourced services are not alike, as only a few have technological capabilities to offer low cost services while using advanced methods.

Apparently, those are the ones that had the foresight to invest in technologies that will make them more competitive, not only in terms of offering affordable pricing. That is why it is important for SMBs looking to hook up with an outsourced call center, to carefully select an outsourcing company that can easily adapt and stay relevant to future social media developments.